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The rules and documents of the Ironforge Senate will be collected here. Joining this website is considered agreement to the documents within.
Post an introduction of your character here!
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Senate FloorThreadsPostsLast Post
Petitions to be brought before the Ironforge Senate may be posted here by commoners and non-dwarven dignitaries.
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Any proposals to ammend or add to the Laws of Ironforge may be posted here.
Dwarven clansmen may advocate themselves as candidates for Minister positions here. Election results will also be posted here.
Records of past Ironforge Senate meetings will be posted here.
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MinistriesThreadsPostsLast Post
Chancellor Xopir Stormbrew Vice-Chancellor Bromas Ebonram
Subforums: Executive Acts
Exchequer: Bhaelin Bronzebraid
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Chief-Justice: Morgrim Steelsmith
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Minister: Drarin Thundersteel
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For clan updates and descriptions. Make a thread for your clan!